Grand Prix Sigaus 2.0

The campaign included a mini-site (on the web and Facebook) and several games, with which the user could obtain different prizes.

The games were unlocked by calendar days, as long as the previous game was played: the first day you could only play game 1, the second day game 1 and 2, and so on.

Each player had a limited number of attempts per calendar day in each game. He could use the attempts to improve his score in each of the games. To have more attempts, they had to share the results on Facebook.

Samsung Basket

Community and informative and promotional website for Samsung, on the occasion of the participation of the Spanish National Basketball Team in the Eurobasket of Lithuania 2011.

The site included updated daily information and also both monogaming and multiplayer games related to basketball in which participants could win important prizes.


The art of saving

The campaign consisted of an advergame and a set of rich-media promotional banners.

The campaign was carried out for 2 consecutive years. The first phase began in March 2008 and lasted until August.

The first advergame was set in a bank branch (in different scenes that were enabled in time), where through different tests and puzzles, the player gets higher or lower score, which then translated into a certain percentage increase in the profitability of your deposit.

Musical bingo

The registered players received a daily cardboard in which instead of numbers they found songs of yesterday and today, all of them themes that were played daily in the radio, so that the first to complete the cardboard and sing bingo, won a direct prize a day while the campaign lasted.

The rest of the winners of the day entered a weekly draw to qualify for secondary prizes.

The campaign was carried out for 2 consecutive years: 2008 and 2009.

Captain Manifesto

The communication campaign achieved a participation of 90% of the total number of workers in the company.

The objective was to foster cohesion among departments and involve the staff in the current business project.

It was decided to place the theme set on a ship, with the Captain Manifesto as the leader of the boat, the players had to collaborate with each other to make this ship "come to fruition", establishing in a symbolic key the means for a group reach your objectives collaborating among its members.