13 years ago, together with Kidekom, we created an entire online community for the National Consumption Institute (currently Aecosan) with the aim of raising awareness among young people about the need to make responsible consumption in all areas.

Consumopolis is a game in which during 2 phases the students of the Spanish schools that wish to participate must form groups of 5, led by a teacher. In the first phase, participation is individual. In the second, the whole group must approach a teamwork.


The player competes, individually, with other Consumópolis players.

The game is independent of the Consumopolis contest. It is not an obligatory part of the contest and does not influence in any case the score of the players and the teams.

Students registered or not can participate in the Consumopolis competition, but students not registered in Consumopolis will not be eligible for the election of the mayor.

The players participate in 3 rounds of questions. First round, Second round and Grand Final.