About Cookies

Cookies are a piece of data sent from a web site and stored in your browsers memory.

Cookies can be required to allow a web to function properly as web sites are stateless (they don't remember user information from one internal page to another) but sometimes they are used to track user actions within one web or across multiple webs in order to collect usage information or identify interests and map behaviour to be able to offer relevant advertisements.

Below is a description on the most common cookie categories.

Necessary cookies

Neccessary cookies are used to make a web site function properly, they are generally not used for tracking and are not shared between webs.

The most common necessary action performed using a cookie is user authentication. When you log in to any web site, a cookie is stored in your browser including some piece of data used by the web to remember who is authenticated when you go to another internal page or refresh the site.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are not necessary but are used to collect valuable information on how a web site is being used, identify issues and figure out what needs to be improved on the site and what content is useful. The information collected is in most cases anonymous but some analytics services collect information that can be used to identify the user.

We use this type of cookies (which are third-party cookies) without collecting information that can be used to identify the user.

Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies are used to track visitors across websites to to profile user behavior and allow publishers to display relevant advertisements.

We don't use these kind of cookies.

How to disable Cookies

Most browsers indicate how to set your browser to not accept cookies, to notify you each time you receive a new cookie, as well as to deactivate them completely.

To control what use you want your information to be made, you can configure your terminal's browser in the manner you deem most convenient for you.

In any case, we would like to point out that if technical and / or operational cookies are disabled, the quality of the website may decrease.

We indicate the following links, where you can find more information about different browsers:

In addition, you can also manage the cookie store in your browser through tools such as the following: