13 years ago, together with Kidekom, we created an entire online community for the National Consumption Institute (currently Aecosan) with the aim of raising awareness among young people about the need to make responsible consumption in all areas.

Consumopolis is a game in which during 2 phases the students of the Spanish schools that wish to participate must form groups of 5, led by a teacher. In the first phase, participation is individual. In the second, the whole group must approach a teamwork.

City of Health

The game is structured as a graphic adventure in which through different scenarios in the "city of health" players interact with the elements present in them to solve puzzles related to healthy lifestyle habits, in which the child , with the trial-error formula, you will learn which of these habits are appropriate for your health.

Through simple minigames of a multiplayer character, interspersed in the main plot, collaboration and the spirit of teamwork are fostered.


Grand Prix Sigaus 2.0

The campaign included a mini-site (on the web and Facebook) and several games, with which the user could obtain different prizes.

The games were unlocked by calendar days, as long as the previous game was played: the first day you could only play game 1, the second day game 1 and 2, and so on.

Each player had a limited number of attempts per calendar day in each game. He could use the attempts to improve his score in each of the games. To have more attempts, they had to share the results on Facebook.

La Repera

In addition to the online store, a website with nutritional information and recipes was developed.

The project is complemented by a management system, where in addition to managing the products sold in the store, it allows the control of stocks and purchases from suppliers.


Mountain corner

Community and online store. E-commerce platform for clothing, accessories and mountain accessories.

Complemented with a section of games and applications of routes to share among mountain enthusiasts.


School to School

Educational web oriented to the cultural exchange that the Vicente Ferrer Foundation has carried out between the Spanish primary schools and India.

Oriented to Primary teachers, it offers in a simple and entertaining way: information, slides, a didactic guide and activities for each of the 5 topics on which the project is concerned.


Samsung Basket

Community and informative and promotional website for Samsung, on the occasion of the participation of the Spanish National Basketball Team in the Eurobasket of Lithuania 2011.

The site included updated daily information and also both monogaming and multiplayer games related to basketball in which participants could win important prizes.


Musical bingo

The registered players received a daily cardboard in which instead of numbers they found songs of yesterday and today, all of them themes that were played daily in the radio, so that the first to complete the cardboard and sing bingo, won a direct prize a day while the campaign lasted.

The rest of the winners of the day entered a weekly draw to qualify for secondary prizes.

The campaign was carried out for 2 consecutive years: 2008 and 2009.