e-Medimecum is the web application based on the information available in Medimecum and which allows online consultation for registered users of the healthcare sector.

Medimecum® is a vademecum for healthcare professionals that includes:

  • Clinical-pharmacological information, rigorous and updated, on all drugs marketed in our country, foreign medication and master formulas of regular use.
  • Commercial names, compositions, presentations, administrative and financing characteristics and prices of all products.
  • Basic therapeutic guidelines of the main medical syndromes and tables of current use by the physicians.

Prepared by 140 professionals (clinical pharmacologists, pharmacists, hospital specialists and primary care) of prestigious university centers and hospitals in Spain.


  • Client:  Medigest Consultores
  • Years:  2007-2013
  • Site languages:  Spanish


  • Custom site development
  • Maintenance


  • HTML
  • .NET
  • SQL Server